Block buster: Arabian German upgrades its business with attachments

Block buster: Arabian German upgrades its business with attachments
An Arabian German Company operative uses a J200 block clamp to handle bricks.
Published: 13 September 2017 - 1:24 a.m.
By: John Bambridge

Established in 1977, Sharjah’s Arabian German Company is one of the first companies in the region to specialise in the manufacturing of precast concrete products and the largest manufacturer of kerbstones in the Middle East region.

To date, it has invested over $22m (AED 80m) into its production capacity, and its facilities houses the most technologically advanced interlocking block factory in the UAE.

Today Arabian German Company is kept so busy with orders that its production, dispatch and store facilities operate 24 hours a day.

It was in the context of these operations, with their small margin for error, and constant need for innovation that Arabian German Company contacted B&B Attachments, and after some discussion and purchased two J200 block-clamp forklift attachments from the UK-headquartered equipment manufacturer.

The J200 is an overhead block clamp attachment that can be fitted on to a forklift and operated by means of a hydraulic coupling. The attachment forms part of B&B Attachments’ BlockMaster range, and is rated at 2,000kg.

In operation, it is ideal for handling and loading parcels of regular rectangular goods, such as paving slabs and concrete blocks. The device can achieve an inside height of 600mm, an opening range of up to 1,100mm, and also features side-shift functionality.

This attachment is available in a range of capacities, opening ranges and gripper bar lengths.

Anwar Al-Azhari, manager of Arabian Germany, explains: “It is vital that we handle our full range of products in the safest and most efficient way, and eliminate the risk of any damage to the concrete. The attachments provided by B&B Attachments have made a huge difference to our on-site productivity.

“B&B also made the ordering process very simple for us, understanding our requirements and providing us with high-quality attachments that have not only met, but surpassed our expectations.”

B&B Attachments was set up over 35 years ago, is a leading fork lift truck attachment company in the UK and Ireland, and caters to a range of industry segments.

Mike Barton, managing director at B&B, comments “Attachments can be a huge benefit to any business that has the requirement to move, lift, layer pick, split loads or turn its products in a certain way.

“Not only do attachments improve safety but they also increase productivity by eliminating wasted time, space and man power during the material handling process.”

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