Changing trends in the Middle East pumps market

Changing trends in the Middle East pumps market
Published: 8 January 2018 - 1 a.m.
By: Rajiv Ravindran Pillai

The global pumps market is on an upward trajectory. According to a recent report, the pumps and valves services market in the Middle East is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.17% during the period 2017-2021.

Some of the major drivers for this market are industrialisation, urbanisation, new construction, and the rise of water and wastewater treatment plants. Most of the industries are undertaking new exploration activities and pipeline projects, as a result of the high demand in transporting oil and recycled water within industries.

One of the the latest trend that is gaining momentum in the market is the increasing adoption of intelligent pumps in the Middle East. The focus on energy-efficient equipment and the rising awareness is influencing the use of intelligent pumps. Intelligent pumps have the capability to adjust the process changes in the pump systems and operate only when all the circumstances and conditions are checked to be safe.

Most often, when selecting a pump, hydraulic fit and efficiency are the first factors engineers consider, weighing all the other factors. However, such an approach will result in end-users with either oversized or underperforming pumps in their designated application because the specification process fails to account for overall operating cost, maintenance, and reliability. Overlooking all aspects, both technical and commercial, of the pump selection process will inevitably result in higher costs and more inefficiencies.

As a knowledge partner in this special report on Pumps Technology, Balagopal Nair, the marketing and business development manager at Faisal Jassim Group, provides us with sound knowledge on choosing the right pump. He says that people nowadays are only concerned about what the kilowatt and footprint of a pump are. He says: “No one has ever asked me what the best pump is to use for a particular application, for the given capacities or for the given hydraulics.”

He says that there are several factors to consider when selecting a pump such as efficiency, footprint, ease of maintenance, etc.

With the pumps market growing steadily and energy efficiency being the buzzword, it might be worthwhile to consider which pump to use for a certain application.

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