Bills worth $408,300 on electricity consumption by pumps can be reduced by at least $54,400 if modern energy-efficient pumps are retrofitted in, a company official said

Pump manufacturer, Grundfos, revealed information about how pump users may save between 30% and 60% on energy bills.

At an event held between 9 and 11 October in Dubai, Grundfos experts delivered presentations outlining how such energy savings can be encouraged.

During one such presentation, Tolga Candan, the business development manager of Grundfos Gulf Distribution, said that pumps account for 10% of the world’s electricity consumption.

Candan said: "Let’s say that your pumps are 10 years old, you are paying approximately $408,300 (AED1.5m) in electricity bills every year.

"Just by replacing them with today’s energy-efficient pumps, you can save approximately $54,400 (AED200,000) of this cost."

The following video showcases highlights from the event. 

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