Cristian Hedesiu, marketing manager, Orpic, explains his company's polymer business, various applications of plastics and recent innovations.

Orpic is innovating on its products on a continuous basis.

Orpic’s polypropylene plant produces 17 different grades of homopolymer. Polypropylene is a plastic, widely used in different applications such as rigid and flexible packaging, automotive, healthcare and hygiene. It has a wealth of applications and is presently one of the fastest growing polymers among all other standard plastics. Polypropylene is also widely used in different compounds. Thanks to its low costs, versatility and manufacturability, polypropylene has a very high market share in the plastics industry.

As of now, Orpic is producing only polypropylene homopolymers. However, by 2020, the company is going to produce polypropylene block copolymers and polypropylene random copolymers also. Orpic is also going to produce polyethylene, which will be in the form of HDPE, high density polyethylene, and LLDPE, linear low density polyethylene. Target applications of the HDPE and LLDPE are more or less the same as applications of polypropylene – flexible and rigid packaging, automotive, healthcare, compounds, appliances etc. Polypropylene and polyethylene could be used more or less for the same applications.

Polymers had a very small share in the overall business of Orpic in 2016. However, by 2020, the share of polymers in the overall business of Orpic is going to make major increase because of the expansion of polymer business from 300,000 metric tonnes to 1.5 million metric tonnes.

Recently, Orpic launched a new product – polypropylene for thermoforming applications, which is a very transparent material used for food packaging. The company is continuously developing its product portfolio through innovations. Additionally, Orpic is building a very strong research and development team in order to innovate further. In terms of innovations in the future, the company is targeting the infrastructure sector in pipe applications as well as in high tenacity raffia.

Check out the following video to know more about the applications of polymers, Orpic’s plastic products portfolio and the company’s recent and planned innovations as elaborated by Cristian Hedesiu, marketing manager, Orpic.


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